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Long-term partnership. Reliable service.

  1. We work with only selected number of business partners and provide a reliable service.
  2. We believe that hard work done by a knowledgable team always brings results over time.
  3. We are currently busy with our projects, but feel free to reach us with your projects.
  4. We are not interrested in cheap one-time assignments.
  5. We do not provide get-rich-quick solutions.
  6. We are happy to help you, if it is going to be a mutually beneficial partnership.
  7. We do not design eyecandy, but we make any design pixelperfect and up to the UI/UX standards.

SEO, Web developement and more...

Online marketing company with focus on International markets (Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Slovakia). Providing search engine optimization, using advanced SEO tools, linkbuilding, copywriting (in English, German & Slovak), content marketing and web development services for unrivaled prices. We focus on viable business projects and avoid working for government or any political organizations to keep our independence. Operating with 3 member team & multiple external co-workers. Our office is located in the hearth of the beautiful Tatry Mountains region - city of Poprad. We have a very good connection to all European countries thanks to the local airport and high speed trains available in our location.

MyMarketing was founded in February, 2012. First few years were hard as with any other startup company from Central Europe, but it made us stronger. The company was on hold from 2016 till 2018, when the founder went abroad (Spain, Gibraltar, Malta, Germany) to gain new international experience and business contacts. Since then we have come a long way. By the end of year 2019 we grew more than tenfold in terms of revenue and profits, employed new team members and we continue growing further. 2020 will be our best year so far.


Most of our projects are confidential and we are too busy to update our site. Here is a list of few projects that we work on to give you a clue about what we do:

If you wish to see a presentation of our work, feel free to reach the Owner directly via phone or email.

Contact us

Michal Malček, Owner & Senior SEO Manager
+421 950 200 395

Denis Sopko, Tech magician & Senior Developer

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